30 August 2017 | What should you look for in a new Dentist?

As parents get ready for back to school and we trade in beach days for cozy blankets, we are all back to
routines and back to all those appointments we can tend to neglect over the summer. We have better
(more fun) things to do right??

If you’re new to town or simply looking for a new Dentist for either yourself and/or your family
members, here are some things to look for:

  • Ask to meet him/her. Most Dentist who are invested in building a long term relationship will be
    willing to meet you for a consultation to get to know you and your needs/the needs of your
  • Take a look around the office when you go in for your consultation. Does it appear tidy? Are
    there current magazines available in the waiting room? Are there things to entertain your
    young children with? How does the staff interact with you?
  • Ask for other services the Dentist provides, websites will tell you some of this but often won’t
    include ALL the services the practice offers.
  • What type of payment programs do they offer? How do they work with your insurance
  • If you know you or a family member will require some major dental work in the near future, this
    is a good time to ask for quotes on cost or if you’re busy juggling life, time is likely very
    important to you, how long will this procedure take, will it require to be completed over
    multiple visits?
  • If you or a family member are nervous about dental visits, inquire into sedation options and
    potential side effects with medical sedation options.
  • And lastly, what kind of chair side manner does this Dentist have? Does he/she take the time to
    explain procedures to you, show you x-rays and talk through them with you? Is a pleasant
    personality important to you? What about a sense of humour?

When you think about how important this relationship is to you and your family, it’s worth the extra

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