Implant Dentistry


Enhance Your Quality of Life

Are you missing out because of missing teeth? Looking at a smile with dental implants, is like looking at a smile that’s been there all along. Dental implants offer you a permanent solution for missing teeth and can provide a better long term solution for those people that have to wear removable partial or complete dentures.

Dr. Swift has extensive experience and training in performing implants, graduating from the renowned Misch Institute for oral implantology. Dr. Swift has earned fellowship status with the ICOI academy and continues to enhance his knowledge with training year-round.

Dr. Swift and his team will discuss the best course of treatment and make recommendations on the most suitable long-term solution for missing teeth.

Comparison of Different Tooth Replacement Technologies
  Flipper Dentures
(partial or full)
Bridge Implants
Longevity 1–3 years 5–7 years 7–10 years Lifetime
Preservations of healthy
adjacent teeth
Yes Yes No Yes
of force to:
teeth / gums
Prevent bone loss and
preserve facial appearance
No No No Yes
Requirement for
periodic adjustments
Yes Yes Yes No
Accelerated loss
of adjacent teeth
Yes Yes Yes No

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