Do you ever wonder when you go to see a medical practitioner, what type of training they have? You see their credentials on the wall, BUT that degree could be decades old…

As a team, Swift Dental regularly attends continuing education programs all over North America to ensure patients are receiving the most current scientifically supported treatment modalities. Dentistry is a quickly evolving science in which technology is playing an ever-increasing role, it could be easy to fall behind and get stuck in the rut of providing outdated treatment. In addition to providing quality treatment we also understand that the patient experience is equally important. Treating people with compassion and understanding may be intuitive but there are also learned skills that can help bring that care to a higher level. For this reason, we value not only scientifically focused education but also customer service driven courses. We have attended courses as a team from world class consultants to help ensure our patients always feel their comfort and health are our top priority.

Swift Dental is committed to providing its patients with the highest standards of treatment possible. Dr. Swift has travelled across North America to find the best educators in many different aspects of dentistry and has been involved in many study groups. He completed an extensive course at the prestigious Kois Centre and was one of the first Canadian dentists to be recognized as a distinguished mentor for that organization. He
continues to help educate other dentists at that facility. He also completed a comprehensive aesthetic dentistry continuum at UCLA and has taken many other courses in aesthetic dentistry. Another particular area that Dr. Swift is passionate about is Implant Dentistry. He is a graduate of the Misch institute and the Pikos institute which are regarded as the gold standard for Implant Dentistry training. He continues to take international training annually to educate himself on the most up-to- date methods of Dentistry as well as the most cutting- edge instruments.

Times change, techniques change, there are often better or different ways of doing things over the years. Dr. Swift is impassioned about incorporating the latest technology into his Dental Practice, he shares this passion

with his team, encouraging higher education and constant learning. Ask us, we’d be happy to tell you about it!