Dr. Sean Swift and the team at Swift Dentistry were honoured to participate in making this holiday season a bit more special for one local couple. When we heard that “Madeline Macdonald and Zoltan Husanik had been homeless for the last three years, living in the wilderness” we knew we had to contribute, alongside the community, to making this holiday a little different.

Rory Millikin and the community rallied together to provide them with a fully paid-for SUV and a winterized trailer to keep them warm and dry.

Swift Dental was happy to be able to give them each the gift of a full dental package, so our team can help them achieve optimum oral health and keep them smiling!

Rory Millikin said “It seems surreal that these businesses actually step up like this in such a way that it really makes you realize that there’s a lot of good people out there,” and we couldn’t agree more! We love our community and love watching the support we show each other.